4 Ways to Save on a Smart Home Device

Smart home devices make life easier. They control everything from entertainment to home temperature, so of course the number of smart home device users increase each year. Statista predicts that the market for these devices will reach 40 billion dollars by 2020. Like many Americans, you want a smart home gadget but your budget seems to limit your options.

Contrary to popular belief, it will not take years to buy a smart home device: Just dedicate some of your time to budget, plan, and save. Additionally, let our guide make this shopping process effortless.

Solve a Problem

What does your home need? What device could provide this necessity? How will it make your home more secure, fun, organized, or homey?

The homeowner problem could be a complex one, like providing your family protection from unforseen danger, or a simple problem, like creating the ideal lighting for each room. Once you pinpoint a problem, list a few device based solutions. A possible issue could be that you want to monitor your front porch. After thorough research, you discover that the Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System is the best solution for your needs, and it fits your budget.

Build a Channel of Devices

Most homes have multiple problems that smart devices solve. Therefore, start with a base item–one that solves your biggest home issue–and build from there with additional devices. Ensure that they all connect seamlessly. This may mean only buying tech for certain rooms, or it could mean only using devices that work with your smartphone. Avoid overspending by not only buying what you need, but also only buying devices that create a smart home network.

Unite these devices with a hub. It controls all your devices as an all-in-one type remote. Wink is one of the most reliable and affordable hubs. The cheapest Wink model costs about $35, and the more advance units average about $100. With any leftover money, invest in a voice assistant.

Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google Home are two of the most affordable voice assistants on the market. As of 2017, they cost about $30 and $80 respectively.


Instead of completely focusing on buying the cheapest items, look for well-made affordable devices. Use your sleuthing skills to find reviews that highlight the biggest issues and the biggest achievements of certain smart home devices.

Read at least three bad and good customer reviews, and ones printed by respectable consumer websites and magazines, like Amazon, CNET, and PC Magazine.  After reading these, assess which issues are too important to ignore, and which ones won’t create a major problem. Then choose from one of your finalist.

Apply Discounts

Search through Groupon’s coupon section for discount codes at electronic stores like the Microsoft Store. These coupons save you anywhere from 10 to 80 percent off of your chosen smart home device. In addition to coupons, make sure to subscribe to daily deal sites, like Groupon, and web discount finder sites, like Slickdeals.

Shop for electronics during major holidays, especially Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Cyber Monday.

You can find an affordable smart home device with the right amount of deal hunting, and commitment to finding a solution to your biggest housing needs.


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